The Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute, a new vocational preparation and Christian worldview training program will begin accepting applications for its first students in late 2020 and open its doors for instruction starting in 2021.

Training modules will include general business, graphic design, computer technology, and more.

The Institute, an educational, vocational, and cultural ministry of Cornerstone Reformed Church, is based in Carbondale, Illinois, but is available to students, businesses, and organizations elsewhere online.

The new Christian vocational training and professional development program, open to late-high school students and adults of any age or work experience, integrates Christian worldview studies with specialized vocational training modules and on-the-job work experience with our business and organization partners.

An important component of the program is the individualized spiritual and professional mentoring students receive to sharpen their worldviews, build vocational competence, and encourage spiritual maturity.

The Institute will roll out more program details and information on its website as they become available. In the meantime, prospective students and partner businesses and organizations are invited to explore the Institute’s website to find out more.

Contact: Marla Brunaugh at or 618-201-4604.

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