Dear Friends of Cornerstone Institute,

Don Stone (our Introduction to Theology instructor) shared the following story with me. He couldn’t remember where he first heard it, but it has stuck with him ever since. In his mind, it sums up nicely our mission at Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute to build Kingdom culture in the workplace.

Three stonemasons were building a cathedral when a stranger wandered by. The first stonemason was toting rocks to a pile, near a wall. “What are you doing?” said the stranger. “Can’t you see that I’m carrying rocks?” The stranger asked the second laborer, “What are you doing?” I’m building a wall,” he replied. A few steps away, the stranger came upon a third mason. “What are you doing?” he asked. This worker smiled. I’m building a cathedral to the glory of God!” 

Same jobs, different missions.


News & Updates

  • Our first classes start on Monday, Oct. 4th. We are offering: Introduction to Business, Introduction to Theology, Microeconomics, and Vocations & Callings.
  • You can sign-up for our January 2022 module Biblical Interpretation taught by Peter Leithart by filling out the Inquiry Form on our website.
  • The County Before Country conference hosted by East River Church (CREC) was fantastic. They have posted all of the sessions and panels online. Check them out here.
  • Our time at Fight Laugh Feast was a blessing. We were able to meet so many like-minded Christians that are passionate about our mission to build Kingdom culture in the workplace. We are excited about attending future events. If you weren’t able to attend, you should try to make it to one in the future.
  • Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute will also be at the CREC Council 2021 from Oct 25th to 28th in West Monroe, LA.
  • Lastly, enrollment for our Fall 2022 full-time program is open. If you know anyone that might be interested send them our website to start the process.

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