We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Kepler Education

Kepler is a marketplace for live online Classical Christian Classes that combines the firm belief that parents are the primary educators with a strong desire to equip and support parents in their task, we exist to make a Classical Christian Education available, affordable, and accessible to everyone who wants one.

Kepler’s core values are: 

Merely Christian

We embrace those essential, common, and core beliefs left by Christ and the Apostles to the church catholic, the body of Jesus Christ on Earth, held through the ages by all orthodox Christian traditions alike.

Broadly Classical

We engage students in the pursuit and acquisition of the liberal arts, that knowledge which is pleasurable for its own sake, and which frees the mind and prepares the soul to be wise and virtuous.

Historically Conservative

We teach students to recognize, value and delight in the permanent things and pursue necessary and healthy change according to the contours of the natural and created order.

We are pleased to be working with Kepler Education to extend their mission to provide available, affordable and accessible education to families and our mission to build Kingdom culture in the workplace.

Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute partners with Kepler Education by recognizing course work completed by students through Kepler Education’s program. Students will receive dual enrollment credit for course work completed through a recognized course taught through Kepler Education and a recognized Kepler Education teacher. Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute will recognize the completed work and apply it to the student’s course load in our program thus reducing their time to complete our three-year program. The cost for the dual enrollment credit is $99 per course.

Courses for Dual Enrollment

 For more information please submit an interest form or visit Kepler Education.

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