Made to Make

The Posture, Philosophy, and Process of the Creative Life in Christ

Saturday, May 7th

10am CST


Cornerstone Institute’s Saturday Seminars
An online lecture with Q&A


Are you creative? What about a creative?

Have you ever wondered how all that creativity stuff works?

Are some folks born with it or can you learn to cultivate it? 

In this seminar, you’ll learn what it means to create as a creature, made in the image of the Creator.

We’ll trace the creative process from the posture of a Christian’s heart and mind, through the philosophy of knowing, all the way into the actual practice of creaturely making.

On the other side, you’ll see that any creature made in the image of the Creator God can be a maker! You’ll know how to practically move from desire to idea to the first steps in bringing that idea into reality.

Finally, you’ll catch a renewed vision for the Christian imagination to carry into whatever vocation the Lord calls you into. 

Ryan Harrison is Associate Creative Director at Hamilton Place Strategies and runs the independent design practice of Mighty Mighty in the Greater Birmingham, AL area. He is married with three kids. He and his family are members of Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Birmingham, AL. 

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