The program’s First Year begins with proportionally more classroom instruction and ends in Year Three with proportionally more job-site work experience. Throughout the program, full-time students receive personal mentoring and counseling regarding their worldview, vocational aspirations, and spiritual formation.

Annual Calendar

Note: The following calendar is for general planning purposes only. It is subject to change. Partner business work schedules, the ongoing disruptions caused the public health restrictions due to the covid pandemic, and other factors may require schedule adjustments. Please check back regularly for calendar updates.

1. Trinity–Advent Term Christmas Break 2. Epiphany Term Easter Break 3. Resurrection Term Ascension Break 4. Pentecost Term Trinity Break
10 wks 3 wks 10 wks 1 wk 10 wks 3 wks 10 wks 5 wks
1st week October - 2 wks before Christmas Mid-Dec. - Jan. 1 1st week January - 2d week March 3d week March 3d week March - end May End May - 3d week June 3d week June - end August End August - 1st week October
1. Trinity–Advent Term 2021 Christmas Break 2. Epiphany Term 2022 Easter Break 3. Resurrection Term 2022 Ascension Break 4. Pentecost Term 2022 Trinity Break
Mon. Oct. 4 - Fri. Dec. 10 Sat. Dec. 11 - Sun. Jan. 2 Mon. Jan. 3 - Fri. Mar. 11 Sat. Mar. 12 - Sun. Mar. 20 Mon. Mar. 21 - Fri. May 27 Sat. May 28 - Sun. June 19 Mon. June 20 - Fri. Aug. 26 Sat. Aug. 27 - Sun. Oct. 2
1. Trinity–Advent Term 2022 Christmas Break 2. Epiphany Term 2023 Easter Break 3. Resurrection Term 2023 Ascension Break 4. Pentecost Term 2023 Trinity Break
Mon. Oct. 3 - Fri. Dec. 9 Sat. Dec. 10 - Sun. Jan. 1 Mon. Jan. 2 - Fri. Mar. 10 Sat. 11 - Sun. Mar. 19 Mon. Mar. 20 - Fri. May 26 Sat. May 27 - Sun. June 18 Mon. June 19 - Fri. Aug. 25 Sat. Aug. 26 - Sun. Oct. 1

Holidays Celebrated by Cornerstone Institute

  • U.S. Thanksgiving: No classes Thursday & Friday of Thanksgiving week
  • Christmas & New Year’s Day: No classes during the two-week Christmas-New Year Break
  • Holy Week: No classes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday, dates variable
  • Ascension Day: No classes, Thursday, date variable (40 days after Easter)
  • U.S. Independence Day: No classes July 4
  • U.S. Labor Day: No classes first Monday of September

Typical Weekly Study-Work Schedule

The typical weekly study-work schedule is based on two-hour blocks two or three times a week for each module. The actual in-class time may vary, depending on the nature of the modules taught and/or the instructor’s pedagogical approach. Some modules, for example, that are primarily lecture-based may meet only three hours per week. Other modules, however, which are exercise-based or require problem solving or group projects, may take up to six hours of in-class time per week. When possible, instructors will record lectures and lessons, and make the module materials available well in advance of the scheduled meeting times, so students whose work schedules, family responsibilities, or time zones may “time-shift.”

Note: However modules are taught or how flexible the scheduling may be, students are responsible for all assignments, as required for each module by the final published deadlines.

Modules & Internship Sample Schedule
(Modules, Class Days and Times May Vary)

Typical Three-Year Study-Work Cycles

The typical three-year schedule follows the chart below (schedules may vary depending on the fields of study and the student’s internship and employment status):

Year One Year Two Year Three
Worldview Modules 12 hrs/week 8 hrs/week 6 hrs/week
Vocational Modules 6 hrs/week 8 hrs/week 12 hrs/week
Additional Study Hours 6 hrs/week 3 hrs/wk 0 hrs/wk
On-site Work Experience 10 hrs/week 20 hrs/week 30 hrs/week
Worldview Mentoring 2 hrs/week 2 hrs/week 1 hr/week
Vocational Mentoring 2 hrs/week 2 hrs/week 2 hrs/week
Spiritual Mentoring 2 hrs/week 2 hrs/week 1 hr/week
Approximate Total Hours 40 hrs/week 45 hrs/week 52 hrs/week
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