Tuition & Fees

Projected Tuition and Fees for Academic Year 2021-2022
Application Fees
Regular Application Fee (Received on or before April 30) $0
Late Application Fee (Received on or after May 1; non-refundable) $50
Full-Time Tuition, Annual upfront rate (requires Full Time tuition deposit)
- Full Time tuition deposit : $1,500 (due July 1) credited toward annual tuition
Full-Time Tuition, Monthly payment rate (requires Full Time tuition deposit): $435.42/month
- Monthly rate includes a 10% service charge.
Part-Time Tuition, per module (due at time of registration)
- 3 modules or fewer per term
Auditor Tuition, per module due at time of registration
- space available only
Resource Fee*
Full-Time Student Resource Fee (annual, due at first term registration) $400
Part-Time Student Resource Fee, per module (due at registration) $75

*Resource Fees cover only a portion of the variable per-student costs of library and on-line learning resources access, technology and internet services, the student records management-information system, etc.

Compare the Costs

The 2020 College Board report is a helpful resource for comparing student costs for attending college in the United States. Here are two tables from that report that illustrate what a bargain Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute is relative to the competition.

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