The Curriculum

The Institute’s work & worldview program offers instruction, training, on-site work experience, and mentoring in four key areas:

Worldview Studies

Instructional modules integrate biblical studies, theology, music, and worldview perspectives on a student’s vocational specialization.

Vocational Studies

Students study and train in the various aspects of their chosen field with professionals guiding the way.

Work Experience

Students have opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice on the job site under the supervision of experienced Christian mentors.

Spiritual Formation

Pastors and elders from the student’s home church mentor students toward disciplined Christian growth and maturity in life and vocation.

Full-time students admitted to the work & worldview program are expected to pursue full-time study and work, and to receive vocational and spiritual mentoring. Part-time students and auditors may enroll in the worldview and vocational studies modules, when space is available, but are not eligible for vocational or spiritual mentoring. Auditors may attend and observe worldview and vocational studies modules, but they receive no instructor feedback, performance evaluation, or grades for the module.

Worldview Modules

Vocational Specializations

Business (current)

Other specializations will be available in the future (contact us for more details on these and other options).

Health Services Management (future)

Digital & Online Marketing (future)

Other specializations will be available soon. Contact us about more details on these and other options.


One of the most valuable elements of your Institute experience is the personal mentoring students receive. Jesus himself said, “A student when mature will be like his teacher.” So the Institute connects students with faithful Christian educators, business professionals, and ordained church leaders as their mentors in all three areas of their Institute experience:

Worldview Mentors

Worldview instructors don’t just lecture, but mentor students for their fullest intellectual and worldview growth.

Vocational Mentors

Christian business professionals mentor students to sharpen their job skills and build vocational competence and confidence.

Spiritual Mentors

Each student is guided by a pastor or church officer from the student’s home church for their spiritual formation and maturation.

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