Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute is a Christian faith-based worldview discipling program with integrated skills-based vocational training that offers students: A Robust Christian Worldview, Quality Job Skills Training, Job Experience in the Workplace, and A Godly Backbone.

Cornerstone Institute’s mission is to build Kingdom culture in the workplace by equipping Christian students with a Trinitarian worldview and vocational competencies. Our vision is to provide Christians with vocational preparation, a robust faith, and financial potential in order to build strong Godly families and homes rooted in their communities and churches long-term.

The Institute is not a trade or vocational school. We prepare students for life, as much as for the workplace, with Christian integrity.

Cornerstone Institute is not a college. We grant no degrees and offer no paper credentials. Instead, we help students build their portfolios of job skills competence, and work experience in the workplace with Christian values and Kingdom zeal.

Full-time tuition is less than $7,000 a year while part-time students pay $500 per module. Check out more details on our costs here.

The Institute is not a Bible school. Sure, we teach the Bible and theology, but our goal is much bigger–to equip you to serve Christ in all your vocations and all of life, by how you work and live.

The Institute is non-accredited. The “credentials” you can earn at the Institute are the ones that matter most in the marketplace today (and in God’s economy): vocational competence, work experience, Christian worldview integrity, and a godly backbone.

You can support the Institute by donating here. In addition to donations, you can support us by praying for our success, subscribing to our monthly newsletter, following us on social media, and promoting us as you are able.

You can fill out our Partner Interest form to schedule time to discuss ways in which your business, organization, church or ministry can join us in our mission to build Kingdom culture in the workplace.

Cornerstone Institute is an independent and self-governing 501(c)3 not-for-profit Christian educational, cultural, and vocational ministry of Cornerstone Reformed Church based in Carbondale, Illinois with oversight from a seven-person Board of Directors.

Cornerstone Institute is Protestant and Reformed in conviction. However, we accept all students that wholeheartedly confess their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as summarized in the Nicene Creed and affirm the Institute’s Statement of Faith.

Applying is easy. The first step is filling out an Interest Form so our admissions advisors can schedule a time to chat with you about the Institute. Click here for the Interest Form.

If you have additional questions about Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute which are not answered on our website, then please fill out the Contact Us form on our website so we can set up a time to answer any additional questions.

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