Cornerstone Institute is sowing a new generation of Christians with quality jobs skills, work experience, a robust Christian worldview, and godly backbones with a passion to build Kingdom culture in the workplace.

What are we?

The Institute is an integrated skills-based vocational training and Christian faith-based worldview discipling program that offers students:

Quality Job Skills Training

Students receive job skills training from experienced Christian professionals.

Job Experience in the Workplace

Students practice their job skills and gain valuable work experience in a workplace setting under qualified mentors.

A Robust Christian Worldview

Students develop worldview clarity about what they believe & why.

A Godly Backbone

Students are challenged to live godly, disciplined lives, to deepen their biblical knowledge, and to mature in their love for Christ & his Kingdom.

What we are NOT

CWWI is not a college.

We grant no degrees and offer no paper credentials. Instead, we help students build their portfolios of job skills competence and work experience in the workplace with Christian values and Kingdom zeal.

CWWI is not just a vocational school.

We prepare students for life, as much as for the workplace, with Christian integrity.

CWWI is not a Bible school.

Sure, we teach the Bible and theology, but our goal is much bigger–to equip you to serve Christ in all your vocations and all of life, by how you work and live.

The “credentials” you can earn at the Institute are the ones that matter most in the marketplace today (and in God’s economy): vocational competence, work experience, Christian worldview integrity, and a godly backbone.

Who are we?

Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute is a Christian work-and-worldview community of educators, business professionals, and church leaders committed to equipping students to build Kingdom culture in the workplace. CWWI is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Christian educational, cultural, and vocational ministry of Cornerstone Reformed Church, Carbondale, IL, USA.

Where are we?

Our classes and mentoring are offered face-to-face in Carbondale, Illinois, USA. But the program is available anywhere you are. Students living outside Southern Illinois can take our worldview classes online and receive vocational and spiritual mentoring from qualified professionals and pastors wherever they live. So where are we? Pretty much everywhere.

“The mission of Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute is to build Kingdom culture in the workplace by equipping Christian students with a Trinitarian worldview & vocational competencies through our integrative work & study programs.” (CWWI mission statement)

Why are we doing this?

We established the Cornerstone Institute’s work-and-worldview program to equip the next generation of Christians to build Kingdom culture in the workplace through their daily lives and faithful labors. We offer a quality, affordable alternative for Christians to pursue their vocational training and career goals in a healthy Christian culture under godly, experienced Christian instructors and vocational and spiritual mentors.

Christian youth who don’t pursue any kind of Christian higher education make up as much as 80 percent or more of the young people growing up in evangelical, Presbyterian, and Reformed churches today. For them, few alternatives to secular state universities and expensive Christian colleges exist.

For Christian adults who want to add job skills, to improve their Christian perspective on their current vocation, or to change their vocational focus, their options are similarly limited.

Now they all have an exciting, affordable, new Christian option.

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